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Rave Reviews for String Around My Finger

I am so proud of my work in 'String Around My Finger' by by Brenda Withers. The show is playing through May 12th at Dreamcatcher Rep. It's been an amazing experience working with this talented cast and crew. I have been a company member at Dreamcatcher Rep for many years and this is by far one my favorite and most challenging roles there.

A quiet comedy about a young couple in the aftermath of a miscarriage. While Emma is still in the hospital, she and Kip try, with the help or interference of his sister, a physician assistant and an insightful older patient, to piece together what their relationship has been and what it still might become.

Michael Vest of Broadway World said this - "So what is String Around My Finger? Is it a comedy, a tragedy, one of those pieces best described by a mash-up term like 'tragicomedy'? Perhaps it is best to simply leave it at this: String Around My Finger, when it frees itself from trying to say something, is a beautifully effecting slice of life."

Here's the full review

As closing weekend arrives. I am happy for the work I have done and a little sad to see it go. If you have a chance please come check it out!

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