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My Kickstarter campaign - The KINETIX: a superhero team of students with disabilities

I am so proud to be a part of this project and this kickstarter campaign. Please help me fund the The KINETIX comic book series!!! AND get your issue today!


Our goal is to raise $10,000 to create, produce and distribute 20,000 comic books of The KINETIX (5,000 copies of each issue).

The KINETIX’ is a comic book series that tells the story of a group of unpopular students at Franklin Delano Roosevelt High (FDR High), who each suffer from a different disability. Under the secret guidance of their mysterious teacher, Dr. Jamarcus Guttles, they come to realize they have the power to unlock special, superhuman abilities laying dormant within their own DNA. This adolescent team of do-gooders spends much of the school week fighting against the hidden forces of evil, which threaten the existence of their high school, local community, and even the human race. Their new identities as real life heroes must be kept under wraps, as they face situations in the day-to-day life of regular high school students. Bullies, mean teachers, strict parents, and inter-dimensional villains alike, should beware the hidden powers of... The KINETIX!

Rosario Richter: Unable to hear or speak, this young Latina loner stays distracted from hurtful teasing with an obsessive interest in photography and social media. As AFTER-SHOCK, her magnified Vibration Force sends evil hurling in fear!

Daryl Dennis: A unique form of Autism has left this quiet student socially inept, yet creatively brilliant. As a kid with special needs, he is practically invisible to others. As BRAINSTORM, he creates his own alter-realities that push the limits of imagination!

Bobby Byers: There is nothing typical about this descendant of Chinese and Jewish immigrants, with a passion for athletics. As a misunderstood teen with Type 1 Diabetes, he faces constant bullying. As CYABETES, a teenage cyborg, he defends the powerless!

Joules Joyner: This natural leader and straight-A student was born with no legs and adopted as a newborn. As tough and capable as she is as a high school student, nothing is more impressive that her superhuman arm-strength as DEAD-LIFT...!

We want to inspire & uplift people, to be grateful that we have the opportunity everyday to make the world a better place, and to turn our perceived weaknesses into our greatest strengths. This is what The KINETIX is all about.

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