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Watch me as Dr. Wily in Megaman!

MegaMan is a fan-made movie based on the video game MegaMan, directed by Eddie Lebron. The film premiered in May 1, 2010, and is now available on the web at

Dr Wily was incredibly well portrayed by David Maulbeck; disgusting, disgruntled and so full of

Dr. Wily

misplaced hatred. This is probably the best acting I have seen of any game to film adaptation. If Maulbeck doesn’t get some kind of award for his performance, I will be thoroughly shocked and appalled. He is the Wily we know and love to hate, and never deviates from this path.

-Jassim Happa (

Dr. Wily Deafeated

I had so much fun making this Movie, I hope you all enjoy watching it! Dr. Wily, as terrible and evil as he is, has found a soft spot in my heart. Sure he’s pure evil, sure his mustache is “funky”, sure he vows to kill millions, but the guy knows FUN! Crazy? YES! Evil? Sure! Boring? No, never.

And a special congrats to Eddie Labron, the film’s director who pulled this off, despite all the doubters and nah sayers.


  • Rock/Mega Man - Jun Naito

  • Roll - Jeanie Tse

  • Blues/Proto Man - Sung-Mo Cho

  • Dr. Thomas Light - Edward X. Young

  • Dr. Albert Wily - Dave Maulbeck

  • Cut Man - Daniel William Clark (voice)

  • Guts Man - Sonicmega (voice)

  • Ice Man - Wayne Chang

  • Bomb Man - Andrew Decrescenzo (voice)

  • Fire Man - Hugo Salazar Jr.

  • Elec Man - Alan Fung

  • Yellow Devil

  • Copy Robot - Jun Naito

  • Selina Daniels - Dara Centonze

  • David the Cameraman - David Horowitz

  • Olga 5000 - Elizabeth Lee

  • JBC Anchor - Ivy Hong

  • JBC Announcer - Caitlin Chang (voice)

  • Billboard Reporter - Kristen Hung

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