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Worm Industries

Gotham City Improv


Worm Industries

Staring Dave Maulbeck as Dr. Worm


Gotham City Improv debuts its all new sketch show "Worm Industries” July 12th, 2014 at the Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre 115 MacDougal St. New York, NY 10012

Gotham City Improv, founded as the sister company of the Groundlings, has returned in 2014 with a rebooted cast of veteran and new actors and an all-new line up of shows. Worm Industries is a zany, cerebral trip through time and space in the lab of the affable, yet misguided Dr. Worm. It’s a show about love, science, aliens, and much much less!

Directed by GCI Faculty and Main Company Member: Bones Rodriquez

The show lineup includes GCI Company members: Joe Berlangero, Mike Sause, Dave Maulbeck, Brian Michael, Mary Hynes, Curt Dixon, Adam Andrianopoulos.

Dr. Worm introduces, Hehe and Haha
Quantum Weed
Your an alien?!?!
He wrote the star spangled banner

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